About RoTo Architects


RoTo Architects was founded in January 1992.

It was an outgrowth of another practice, Morphosis, that I had started with
a friend, Thom Mayne, in 1975 as a continuation of our 15 year working
relationship in practice. We continued working together until the end of 1991.
The body of work produced during that period is well published. Several years
prior, 1972, along with 50 others, we co-founded a school in Southern
California, SCI-ARC. It was a very creative and period, in many ways,
exchanging ideas at high velocity, researching, testing ideas with our hands
and minds, designing, and building. The projects, commissioned or invented,
were a medium to test the limits of our own imagination and that of the
discipline of Architecture. Our broad interests focused on the special
evolutionary problems the city, the landscape, and the human enterprise. We
worked in all available media and at all scales modeling, drawing, and
constructing a resynthesized collective imagination.

It was a time when universal values and protocols were diminishing as they
confronted more personal and idiosyncratic points of view. Our practice was
established with a belief that creativity emerges in a social context through
a unique personal lens. Architecture has been our medium for a new synthesis,
aspiring to equilibrium between personal rights and collective responsibilities.
RoTo’s mission has been to sustain continuity from past to present while
expanding the definition and field of practice.

Our open-minded outlook and approach integrates a teacher-practitioner’s ever
expanding field of trans-disciplinary interests, within and beyond architecture.
RoTo can work in any context with anyone’s ideas and on any type of problem,
constrained by any limits. We know from experience that this will lead to
outcomes as unique as the mixture of people involved and the context. Our task
is to create coherent and purpose driven solutions with an economy of means.

Our research and our works are framed by the dynamic relationships of
conservation and change (cultural mediation and sustainability), social,
cultural, and material evolution of the city, (urban design and civic
architecture) and the symbiotic coupling of society, environment, and economy.

Since our founding, we have developed collaborative working relationships with
a wide range of clients who operate at the frontiers of their particular fields,
including Civic, Business, Education, Government, Religious/Spiritual, Science,
and Culture Production. The unique interests of, and relationships with these
clients have led to large and diverse body of work. Different ways of solving
problems, managing resources, or re-defining long-term strategic objectives
focused on immediate needs are explored with confidence and compassion. This
leads to solutions that are unique and inevitable. We have a signature process
but do not have a signature style nor do we specialize in project types although
we have the knowledge and experience of experts with a wide range of types.
This allows us to be open minded to new ways of thinking about site challenges,
diverse demographics, changing market forces, diminishing resources, and
conservation and change. We approach all that we do with a profound belief
prerequisite that Humans are inherently good, optimism is the basis of
creativity, and creativity is an evolutionary imperative.

How we work
We begin each project sitting around a 5m long table covered with
a continuous scroll of paper, talking and drawing until a coherent approach
emerges in a diagrammatic ‘collective mind map.’ We then develop the ideas into alternative schemes using all media. Working with staff and clients at the table is conducive to more ‘horizontal’ creative collaborations and ongoing research, analysis and critique of the work. This eventually leads us to unique and optimum solutions that are inevitable and expressive with an economy of means. Projects are then developed in precise ways functionally and technically. This is the
basis for implementation. In practice and teaching we have discovered that
listening is the most effective, efficient, and enabling process for everyone involved. In our own ways, we can all be teachers. This is the way of Aikido. We learn in proportion to our capacity to listen, as if you are hearing something for the first time. This is a precondition and the essence of creative dialogue. Since its founding in 1992 RoTo has envisioned and built a wide range of project types of varying scope and complexity. In addition to architectural design, one of a kind, and city scale works, and urban design, services include strategic consulting to commercial clients, non-profit organizations, education and campus planning, planning and design of rural communities, and cultural conservation and regeneration. earing something for the first time. This is a precondition and the essence of creative dialogue. Since its founding in 1992 RoTo has envisioned and built a wide range of project types of varying scope and complexity. In addition to architectural design, one of a kind, and city scale works, and urban design, services include strategic consulting to commercial clients, non-profit organizations, education and campus planning, planning and design of rural communities, and cultural conservation and regeneration.

Our Story
It is a gift to be an architect, and it is a gift to be a teacher.
I have done both for an equal number of years so they have equal standing.
They are two symbiotic parts of one practice.
The teaching is for pure and applied research and the practice is the laboratory for taking the ideas into the world to test them ‘full size in real time.’ In a teaching venue we can speculate on what we think would be beneficial to the evolution of society, the city, and Architecture.

Understanding the implications of time scales and structures is important. “Is it possible to set long term strategies in a short cycle world?” What may seem best for investors, reacting to the short cycles of finance, may not necessarily be beneficial for the longer life cycles buildings and cities. Endurance has value.

The unique interests of our clients may require different ways of conceptualizing and solving problems, managing resources, and making architecture. An open minded approach often leads to solutions that are both inevitable, functionally, economically, and aesthetically.

As young architects, we had more ideas than buildings, so as teachers, we invented projects to test these ideas and to teach the students. The City was our laboratory and Architecture was the subject of our experiments. The complexity of the problems we invented, were in proportion to the depth of our imaginations, the range of our knowledge, and our confidence. We were fearless.

These projects always incorporated the core principles that were ‘on the table for discussion’ in the 70’s and 80’s, society, environment, and economy (of means.) We worked on our selves, our projects, and the school simultaneously. We began to realize who we were and what we made were one and the same. ‘It was all one thing’ Architecture was searching for a new identity in the 70’s and so were we, individually and as a school. Los Angeles, with it’s unorthodox hybrid culture seemed to be the place to experiment with making and meaning, materials and technology, and the phenomenology of experience. Architecture would be our window into ‘wonderland.’

We also wanted to bring Architecture to people and organizations who often had to accept less. We became social entrepreneurs. We began working with non-profits with a vision. One’s that served society, focusing on the arts, the humanities, education, spiritual insight, and environment. We also began working with private foundations searching for the most appropriate place to leverage their financial capital to yield greater social capital. This is a significant part of our practice. So our practice extends for commerce to the contemplative.


Life gives Form to Architecture

We believe that it is possible to create an architecture that is both practical
and poetic, both unique and inevitable, familiar to the body and unfamiliar to
the eyes. Spaces created have the potential of being inspiring and a trigger to
integrate memory and imagination. Specific projects in our diverse body of work,
has taught us how to do this. The Native Americans taught us how to listen with
all of our senses, the Buddhists taught us how to see with a ‘beginners mind’
young social entrepreneurs have reaffirmed the benefits of ‘doing well and good’,
and the students have continued to remind me that ‘anything imaginable is possible’.

Conservationists have taught us the essence of conservation and change.
Entrepreneurs have taught were to find hidden value and unpack it. Artists
helped us the see the role poetry plays in the Human enterprise. Spiritual
Teachers have taught us how to see, with an open mind and heart. Pragmatists
have proven to us the necessity of limits. Visionaries have helped us
understand the immediate impact of timescales of history.

RoTo has developed collaborative working relationships with clients who operate at the frontiers of their particular fields focusing on both conservation and change, searching alternative to create contemporary forms for traditional practices. The list of diverse clients include Native Americans, Civic, Business, and Political Leaders in America and Asia, Creative Culture- Performers and Educators, University Presidents, Non-Profit Leaders, and Spiritual Teachers. The unique interests of, and relationships with our clients have led to a body of work where different ways of re-conceptualizing and solving conventional and idiosyncratic problems, managing resources, and making architecture is explored, leading to solutions that are inevitable and unique, functionally, economically, and aesthetically.

Since its founding in 1991, RoTo Architects has envisioned and built a wide range of projects of varying type, scope and complexity. As a body of work, it represents an open mindedness in challenging conventions with an expertise in solving any problem with economy and invention. The portfolio includes almost every project type –
contemplative (spiritual retreats, temples, monasteries) to

institutional (education, theaters, health care),
environmental (restoration-land planning), and
commercial (retail, hospitality, entertainment, re-purposing industry and malls).
cultural (Native American, Tibetan)

RoTo services include Architecture, Urban Design, Campus Planning, Strategic Consulting to commercial clients with an evolving vision or under performing assets, non-profit organizations anticipating the need to grow their institution, expand their mission, or in need of new facilities conducive to their own interactions and aspirations, and the planning and design of Rural Communities.

The work has been published locally and internationally and has received many awards. 50+ from the AIA, 20+ from Progressive Architecture Magazine, 35 industry and Trades, and 20+ Civic Organizations. Although awards serve a purpose and are an index of qualitative peer review, we have decided to not pursue them as part of our life practice.

Professor Rotondi received the American Academy of Arts and Letters in Architecture Award for his body of work in 1992 and in 2009, the AIA/LA Gold Medal for his contributions as a Practitioner and a Teacher, and in 2013 he was elected by his peers as one of the 30 most admired Design Educators in America. He has lectured and taught locally, nationally, and internationally for many years.

Why I became an Architect.
I love to imagine new ‘worlds’ and new ways to enter them.
I love to let others into my world and so they can make it theirs.
I love to make things.
I love to solve problems.
I love the creative process—either talking, drawing, or building.
I love working with other people and
I love to contribute to the problem of humanity.
I was so proud to be an architect, (I still am,)
I wanted everyone to know,
  -not to get work, but to talk about everything on my mind, and
  -how architecture could make our world better.
I believed this then—and now.

Our curiosity was unbounded,
we wanted to know everything about everything,
how did anything we focused on become what it was?.............................process
what were the inter-relationships of all of the parts within the whole?........order
what brought these parts together and kept them so?............................unity
what was the architectural equivalent these ideas?.............................conversion
we would think, talk, and draw for hours on end. We still do.

We learned to use our hands before we knew what we were doing..................intuition
We believed that anything imaginable is possible – (still do)..................beginners mind
We believed that the ultimate test of an idea was to build it and..............evolution
We were fortunate from an early age to build...................................grace
We learned how to talk people into doing more than they expected
or sometimes more than they thought they wanted to do,
but in the end they were pleased. We were irrepressible.
We would say—“if others could see what we see, they would always agree”
this was said mostly out of a sincere belief in our role in the evolutionary
scheme of life with a bit of youthful arrogance, we believed in the promise
of Architecture.

We wanted to make things, wanted to see and inhabit the imaginary worlds we conjured in our minds and unequivocally believed that downloading ideas made room for the next one— We learned that creativity exists in a context and it unfolds. We paid attention so we did not miss any of the ‘mysteries that may be revealed. The higher our state of concentration, the more we saw.
Doing Architecture is not easy. Different opinions, impatience, political opposition, it is a gauntlet, but I’ve always been positive and seen the ‘glass half full’ — Now I can say that it is a pilgrimage that is worth the wait and compared to geologic time, the time it takes to make Architecture—is no time at all—my impatience sometimes gets in the way but my love of people and my love of teaching, is my leverage to overcome almost any type of resistance there is.

I came into the world sooner and smaller than my mother expected—so I spent the first 3 months of life in a glass bubble—an incubator, a space within a space. I was both a participant and an observer. I realized some years later that this was an excellent way to transition from the unconditional universe of floating, almost weightlessly, in my mother’s womb, tied with an umbilical to another, in what is a perfect relationship, into a world, regulated by gravity and resistance – and in the case of my family, lots of noise, that I landed well the first time and many times since then.
I believe I have been most fortunate to have spent quality time with some others, doing quality work
  -clients who became friends,
  -friends who became collaborators and
  -collaborators who became (even the younger ones) my teachers.

I’ve learned a lot from the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met and who have cared to let me become a part of their world.

Architecture can be a pretext for generating and sustaining relationships.
Architecture is a maximum act of resistance to entropy.
Architecture is the third skin.
Architecture is a medium for teaching and learning
Architecture’s medium is space and spatial intelligence is born out of spatial not verbal experience

The End
Los Angeles

Michael Rotondi's Curricula Vitae

Michael Rotondi,FAIA              2009 AIA Gold Medal
Principal                     This award is given in recognition of a
RoTo Architects, Inc.         significant body of work of lasting influence
b. Los Angeles 1949           on the theory and practice of architecture.
married - April Greiman


                  1992 - Present
                  RoTo Architects, Inc. founder / principal
                  Clark Stevens, Brian Reiff

                  1976 - 1992
                  Morphosis co-founder / principal
                  Thom Mayne

                  1973 - 1976
                  Works West
                  Peter de Bretteville
                  Craig Hodgetts



                  California State Polytechnic University, 1968-1971
                  Southern California Institute of Architecture, 1972-1973
                           Diploma, 1973
                           Thesis:  Sequoyah Education Research Center

                  "Architecture in response to new education theories"
                           Progressive Architecture Citation, 1974



                  NCARB, California, New Jersey, Nevada,
                  South Dakota, Arizona, Kentucky, Hawaii



                  1972 - Present
                  Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
                           Co-Founding Member, 1972
                           Student, First Graduating Class, 1973
                           Faculty, 1976-present
                           Distinguished Faculty, 2000-present
                           Student Graduate Program Chair, 1978-1987
                           Director of the Institute, 1987-1997
                           Board of Trustees, 1980-present
                  Arizona State University
                           Professor of Architecture
                  University of Kentucky, Lexington
                           Brown-Foreman Chair For Urban Design

                  University of Arkansas
                           John Williams Visiting Professor Studio



Visiting Faculty
                  University of Arkansas, John Williams Visiting Professor
                  University of Houston, 2012-2014
                  Southeast University, Nanjing China, 2011-2013
                  Suzhou University, Suzhou, China, 2010-2012
                  Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, 2010
                  University of Virginia, Shure Chair, 2005
                  Prairie View A&M University, 2002-2008
                  Texas A&M University, 2003
                  University of Kentucky, 2003-2005
                           Brown-Forman Chair
                  University of Michigan, 2003
                           Eliel Saarinen Visiting Professor
                  University of Pennsylvania, 1985, 1999         
                  University of Denmark, Aarhus, 1998
                  University of Texas at Austin, Ruth Carter Stevenson                                                       Regents Chair in Architecture, 1997-1998
                  University of Michigan,
                           Visiting Critic from Practice, 1997
                  Sinte Gleska University Housing Graduate Studio, 1997
                  Helsinki Technical Institute, 1993-1998
                           Visiting Faculty and Advisory Board
                  University of Oregon, 1993
                  Princeton University, 1992-1996
                  University of Moscow, 1988-1990
                  University of Minnesota, 1988
                  Columbia University, 1986
                  University of California, Los Angeles, 1986
                  University of Pennsylvania, 1985
                  University of Texas at Austin, 1984




                  Southern California Institute of Architecture
                           Annual review of student works

                  University of Arkansas, Super Jury

                  Arid Lands Institute, International Competition

                  Open International Competition on the Development
                  of an Architectural Concept for an International Business Center
                  with an International Hotel in the City of Yerevan Juror
                           Yerevan, Armenia January 21-24

                  AIA, Education Honors Awards Jury
                           Washington, DC February 12

                  GSA Federal Peer Review, US Courthouse
                  AIA San Diego Young Architect of the Year Award Jury

                  Salvation Army Chicago Jury, September 7-10               
                  Flight 93 National Memorial Jury, January 23-26

                  AIA, Southeast Juror, May 22
                  GSA Federal Peer Review, Austin, TX.
                           US Courthouse, April 13,

                  Architecture Magazine House Awards Juror, July 24-25
                  AIA Nebraska Chapter’s Awards Program, July 28-30
                  Awake Conference, February 7-9
                  GSA Juror for the New Federal Courthouse in Las Cruces, NM., February 4,

                  Aspen Design Conference International, Aspen, CO, August

                  GSA Federal Design Excellence Program: National Register
                           of Peer Reviewers; GSA Design Awards

                  University of Colorado at Denver

                  AIA/LA Next LA Awards, October
                  S.O.M. Traveling Fellowship Competition, San Francisco, California, May/June

                  AIA Central States Regional Awards of Excellence,                            
                           Seattle, Washington, September 21,

                  AIA Awards Iowa

                  Chrysler AIA Awards, Inaugural, Chicago AIA

                  National Architectural Education Institute, Paris Prize

                  Urban Renaissance Competition, Nagasaki, Japan
                  Chicago AIA Awards
                  Burnham Prize/Prix de Rome

                  Dupont Industrial Design Competition
                           USA - USSR International Exhibition

                  S.O.M. Foundation Fellowships

                  New York AIA Awards
                           LA Gateway
                           Rome Prize Competition


                  San Diego, AIA Awards


                  Bienalle, with University of Houston
                          'Above the Line' World Deltas

                  Soledad Enrichment Action (SEA)
                           Advisor to CEO, Projects

                  Kohala Center
                           Advisor and Architects for Various Projects

                  Drive-by Shooting: April Greiman Digital Photography
                           Panel Discussion, September 20
                  Fuzzy Activism- Social Practice in Los Angeles
                           Panel Discussion
                  University of Kentucky
                           College of Design Visiting Committee
                  Orange County Great Park
                           Design Jury       
                  Chicago Salvation Army
                           Design Jury, September 7-10

                  Ari Bhod Foundation for Tibetan Cultural
                           Advisory Board

                  Academy of Art University, San Francisco,
                           Advisory Board

                  IDCA/Aspen Design Conference Board

                  Woodbury University, Burbank, California,
                           Interior Design Advisory Board, 1998-present

                  California Institute of Design and Digital Arts
                           Advisory Board, 1997
                  College Art Association Host Committee, 1997-present
                  Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
                           Competition Juror Coordinator

                  Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, California,
                          “Progressive L.A.: Architecture”, Moderator, August 28
                  MAK Center, Los Angeles, California, “The Havana Project
                           Roundtable Discussion”, Moderator, April 15
                  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan,
                          “Re-Inventing Practice”, March 16
                  Functional Art Show Committee, Los Angeles, California,

                  ACSA Administrators’ Conference, Milwaukee,
                           Wisconsin, November 18-20
                  Beaux Arts Ball, SFMOMA, San Francisco,
                           Honorary Chairman, California
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                          “Imaging the Future:  The Effect of the Digital
                           Revolution on Design”, July 21-24

                  Helsinki Institute of Technology, Helsinki, Finland,
                  Symposium on Architectural Education, February

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                           Architect Symposium, March 6
                  Architectural Association School of Architecture,
                           London, England, External Examiner
                  Princeton University School of Architecture
                           Advisory Council, Princeton, New Jersey, 1991 - 1996
                  Japan Architects Holiday Design Workshop, Nagasaki, Japan,
                           Nagasaki - An Urban Renaissance
                  Institute for Creative Thinking, Member 1991 - Present

                  Aspen Design Conference Board of Directors

                  Neuroscience’s and Eastern Meditative Practices Tutorial
                           for the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Observer
                  The Relationship Between Art and Architecture - Workshop 1 & 2,
                           Weisman Art Foundation, January 21-22 and July 20
                  Walker Art Center, Synthesis: Architecture Craftsmanship and Design, June 23-24

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                  Mayor of Los Angeles Design Advisory Board 1988 - Present
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                          “Merging Two Realities”, March 18
                  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan,
                          “Merging Two Realities”, March 16
                  University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
                          “Merging Two Realities”, February 15
                  Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina
                          “RoTo Works”, January 22
                  Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, Mississippi
                          “RoTo Works”, January 11

                  ACSA Administrators’ Conference,
                          “RoTo Works”
                           Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 18-20
                  Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
                          “RoTo Works”, November  29
                  Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
                          “Merging Two Realities”, October 3
                  SCI-Arc, Vico, Morcote, Switzerland
                          “RoTo Works I”, October
                  MAK, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria, May 18
                  Catholic University, Washington, DC,
                          “Merging Two Realities” (with Clark Stevens), April
                  Washington University, St Louis, Missouri, March 27

                  Iowa AIA Fall Convention, September 29
                  American Film Institute, Conference on Digital Media,
                           Kauai, Hawaii, July 5
                  Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, October
                  Ohio State University, April 6
                  Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, California,
                          “The Future: Functional or Fanciful?’, March
                  Ecole d’ Architecture de Bordeaux, March
                  University of Utah, “A Brief History of My Time”, February 18

                  Nihon University, “Into The Work”
                  Japan Society on Shin Takamatsu
                  University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
                  Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia,
                  Texas Technology University, Lubbock, Texas
                  CCAIA Monterey Design Conference, March 20

                  SCI-Arc, “A Brief History of My Time”, Santa Monica, California
                  Sacramento AIA, “A Brief History of My Time”
                  University of Waterloo, “Current Research 3”
                  Ontario Association of Architects, “Current Research 4”, Convention 92’
                  University of Texas, The Dallas Museum of Art Theater,                                                                       “Personal Becoming Public”
                  Yokohama Design Conference, “Current Research 1”

                  Long Beach State University Design Forum
                  Notre Dame University
                  Japan Institute of Architects Convention, Nagasaki,
                          “Contemporary Practice and Education”
                  Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles,
                          “Mapping the Territory”, Isozaki, One Vector
                  Wisconsin AIA State Convention, Keynote,
                          “In the Vortex”
                  Princeton University, “Towards the Imaginary Vortex”
                  University of New Mexico, Lawrence Licth Memorial Lecture
                          “Towards the Imaginary Vortex”
                  University of Idaho

                  Pratt Institute
                  AIA National Convention, Keynote
                  Lighting Institute of America, Los Angeles, California
                  Pacific Design Center Westweek, “Creative Interactions”
                  Order of Quebec Architects, Keynote

                  Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
                  Louisiana Tech University, Louisiana
                  Lawrence Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

                  AIA, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Keynote
                  Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana
                  University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
                  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
                  Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington      

                  AIA Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
                  Alcan Lecture, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
                  California State University at San Luis Obispo
                  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
                  University of California at Los Angeles, California
                  Architectural Association, London, England
                  International Architecture Series, Sydney, Australia
                  Lawrence Institute, Detroit, Michigan
                  SCI-Arc, Vico, Morcote, Switzerland
                  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                  Colorado State Convention, Keynote
                  Dallas Museum of Modern Art, Texas
                  Stadelscgule Fur Bildende Kunste, Frankfurt
                  Washington Alexandria Center, Washington DC
                  University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
                  University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
                  Shibaura Institute, Tokyo, Japan, “Current Works”
                  Tekko Kaikan, Osaka, Japan, “Morphosis, Current Obsessions”
                  University of Southern California, Los Angeles
                  AIA San Diego, California
                  University of California, Berkeley
                  University of Texas, Austin

                  University of California at Los Angeles, California
                  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                  Washington University, St Louis, Missouri
                  The Architectural League, New York
                  Western Edition, San Francisco, California                              
                  Monterey Design Conference, California
                  Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
                  SCI-Arc, Santa Monica, California

                  AIA Regional Conference, Newport Beach, California
                  Western Edition, San Francisco, California


Professional Honors

                  Design Intelligence 2013
                           30 Most Admired Design Teachers in America

                  Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Award for
                           Retail, Madame Tussauds
                           Hollywood Arts Council Architectural Arts Charlie Award, Madame Tussauds

                  Southern California Development Forum (SCDF)
                  Award for Design, Madame Tussauds
                  AIA/LA Award, Gold Medal Award

                  Los Angeles Business Council, Community Impact
                  Award, CD7 Neighborhood City Hall

                  AIACC Design Awards, Merit Award, Architecture and Art Building, Prairie View A&M University
                  AIALA Award, Twenty-Five Year Award, 2-4-6-8 House

                  AIALA Award, Citation Award, Prairie View A&M University
                  AIALA Award, Citation Award, CD7 Neighborhood City Hall
                  Concrete Masonry Design Awards, La Jolla Playhouse
                           Merit Award

                  AIA CC, View Silo House
                  Wood Design Award, View Silo Houe
                  AIA National Design Award, Carlson-Reges Residence

                  AIACC Design Award, Warehouse C
                  AIACC Design Award, Teiger House
                  American Institute of Architects Excellence in Education
                           Achievement Award

                  American Institute of Architects College of Fellows
                           Inducted for Design and Education                    
                  American Wood Council’s Wood Design Award,
                           Merit Award Nicola Restaurant
                  AIALA Award, Honor Award Carlson-Reges Residence
                           Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           Sinte Gleska University                  
                  AIACC Award, Merit Award Carlson-Reges Residence

                  AIACC Award, Merit Award
                  Dorland Mountain Arts Colony
                  Sunset Magazine Honor Award, Carlson-Reges Residence
                  LA Business Council Urban Beautification Award,
                           Nicola Restaurant
                  Los Angeles Architectural Foundation,
                          “LA Winners” Award

                  AIACC Award, Honor Award Nicola Restaurant
                  AIA Certificate of Appreciation

                  Progressive Architecture
                           Citation Circolo Restaurant

                  American Academy of Arts & Letters Award in Architecture
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           CDLT 1,2 House Addition

                  AIACC Award, Salick Health Care Corporate Headquarters
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           Yuzen Vintage Car Museum

                  AIACC Award, Politix Retail Stores
                  Interior Award, Leon Max Showroom
                  AIACC Award, Leon Max Showroom
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           Arts Park Performing Pavilion
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           Higashi Azabu Tower

                  AIACC Award, Merit Award
                           Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center
                  Progressive Architecture Award,
                           Arts Park Performing Arts Pavilion
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           Crawford Residence
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Higashi Azabu Tower

                  AIALA Award, Merit Award
                  Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center
                  AIACC Award, Merit Award Kate Mantilini Restaurant
                  National AIA Award, Honor Award
                           Kate Mantilini Restaurant
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           6th Street Residence
                  AIALA Award, Honor Award 6th Street Residence
                  AIALA Award, Merit Award Kate Mantilini Restaurant
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Kate Mantilini
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           Prototypical Hamburger Stand

                  AIALA Award, Merit Award Angeli Restaurant
                  National AIA Award, Honor Award Bergren Residence
                  AIACC Award, 72 Market Street

                  AIALA Award, Merit Award 72 Market Street
                  AIALA Award, Merit Award Lawrence Residence
                  AIALA Award, Merit Award Bergren Residence
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                  Venice III House, Bergren Residence

                  Progressive Architecture
Award, Citation
                           Hermosa Beach Commercial Center

                  Progressive Architecture
Award, Citation
                           Western-Melrose Office Building
                  AIALA Award, Sedlak House

                  Progressive Architecture
Award, Citation
                           Flores Residence
                  Competition Honor Award, Citation
                           Sacramento Energy Efficient Office Building
                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
                           Riedel Medical Building

                  Progressive Architecture Award, Citation Sequoyah                               
                           Educational Research Center

Solo Exhibitions
                  London Architecture Biennale
                           The World in One City - A Sketch for London, June 16-25

                  Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana,
                          “Sinte Gleska University:  the process and the project,”
                           October 20-November 30
                  University of Virginia, Charlottsville, Virginia,
                          “Sinte Gleska University”,
                           November 2-13
                  University of Texas, Austin, Texas,
                          “Sinte Gleska University:  the process and the project,” April 18-May 1

                  Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe
                          “Sinte Gleska University”

                  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 16-May 1

                  Yokohama Pacifico Hall Center, Yokohama Japan,
                          “Current Research”, March 13-25

                  Laguna Art Museum, Laguna, California,
                          “Morphosis: Making Architecture”, March 28-June 9

                  Ballenford Architectural Books, Toronto, Canada,
                          “Morphosis , 1975-1990”, November 10-December 30
                  Gallery MA, Tokyo, Japan, “Parallel Activities,
                           June 23-July 30
                  Fenster Architekurgalerie, Frankfurt, Germany,
                           August 15-October 31
                  Aedes Galerie and Architecture Forum, Berlin, Germany,
                          “Morphosis”, June  20-August 6
                  Graham Foundation, Chicago, Illinois,
                          “Morphosis Recent Work”, May 23-June 28
                  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California
                          “Three Houses”, March 2-May 6

                  Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio,
                          “Morphosis Recent Work”,
                           July 20-September 1
                  University of California, Los Angeles, California,
                          “Morphosis Recent Work”
                  Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota,
                          “Three Houses”, May 14-July 23
                  Cheney Cowles Museum, Spokane, Washington,
                          “Morphosis Recent Work”, April 12-June 10

                  2 AES Gallery, Art and Architectural Exhibition Space,
                          “Morphosis”, San Francisco, California,
                           September 15 - November 17
                  Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts,
                          “Morphosis”, November 15


Group Exhibitions

                  Koplin Del Rio Gallery
                          “Entropy: The Art in Architects”, January 6-February 24

                  Southern California Institute of Architecture
                          “Prairie View”, September 29-December 17

                  UCLA Fowler Museum
                          “From the Verandah”

                  Southern California Institute of Architecture

                  Max Protetch Gallery, New York, New York
                          “A New World Trade Center”
                  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
                          “City, Space + Globalization”, Michigan, February 18-March 4

                  Dansk Arkitektur, Copenhagen, Denmark,
                          “Los Angeles Heteropolis USA”, May 19 - August 17

                  University of East London, School of Architecture,
                           London, England, “Details”

                  Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, California,
                          “100 / 100 Exhibition’, March 7 - May 26
                  Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica California,
                          “Housing Around, The Playhouse Project, ‘Pemni’”
                           Sponsored by Architects for Shelter and Santa Monica Place, March 4
                  SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, California,
                          “Less Is More: Built Work for Less Than $100,000”

                  The Steelcase Design Partnership for VECTA, New York, NY,
                          “Industrial Elegance”
                  Royal Institute of British Architects, London, England,
                           June 9-23
                  GA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, “91 GA International”, February-March
                  Society for Art in Craft, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
                          “Architects as Artists: Artifice and Artifacts”, January 25-April 21

                  Lameier Sculpture Park, St Louis, Missouri,
                          “California Lifeguard Towers”, March 14-May 28
                  USIA, Moscow, Leningrad, Donetsk, Soviet Union,
                          “Design USA”, September 1989-February

                  Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt, West Germany,
                          “Architects Houses”, September 1-November 26
                  Gallery of Architecture, Los Angeles, California,
                          “Tangents and Outtakes”, July 1-August 12
                  Arts Park Performing Arts Pavilion, The Cultural Foundation,
                           Woodland Hills, California, June 5-July 31
                  Gallery of Functional Art, Santa Monica, California, January 7-March 6
                  Kirsten Kiser Gallery, Los Angeles, California,
                          “Modeling Paste Drawings”

                  Aedes Galerie fur Architektur und Raum, Berlin, Germany,
                          “Berlin Denkmal oder Denkmodell”, September 2-December 2
                  Visual Arts Ontario, Toronto, Canada,
                           R.C Harris Water Filtration Plant, “Waterworks”, June 22-September 30
                  Kirsten Kiser Gallery, Los Angeles, California,
                          “Californian Lifeguard Towers”, July 8- August 13
                  Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, New York,
                          “What Could Have Been:  Unbuilt Architecture of the 80’s”,
                           July 19 - October 23
                  National Academy of Design, New York, New York,
                          “The Experimental Tradition: Twenty-five Years of
                           American Architecture Competitions 1960-1985 (Vietnam Veterans Memorial)”,
                           May 16-July 31
                  Australian Center for Contemporary Art, Victoria, Australia,
                          “Dream Houses”, May 19-June 19
                  Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, California,
                          “LA Architecture: 12 + 12 An Overview”, March 23-25
                  Axis Gallery, Tokyo, Milan, Paris, “In-spiration”
                          (Lighting Exhibition), February 5 – 15

                  GA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
                          “The Emerging Generation in U.S.A:” November 7-December 13

                  I.D.C., New York, New York
                          “Forty under Forty”, October
                  Max Protetch Gallery, New York, New York
                          “Architects for Social Responsibility”, May/June

                  GA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan,
                          “Californian Architecture - Morphosis/Eric Owen Moss”, April/May

                  California, Museum of Science and Industry,
                          “84/84 Olympic Architects”, June/August
                  Hotel Biltmore, Los Angeles, California,
                          “Architectural Competitions”, May

                  Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California,
                          “California Counterpoint”, November/December
                  National Academy of Design, New York, New York                      
                          “California Counterpoint”, July/September
                  Architectural Association, London, England
                          “Los Angeles Now”, May
                  Columbia University,
                          “American Architecture: Innovation and Tradition”, February/March
                  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, England,
                          “Drawings by Architects”, February/March

                  La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, California,
                          “The California Condition”, November/December
                  Bernard Jacobson Gallery, Los Angeles, California
                          “Four Houses:  Four Cities”, July/August

                  Ohio State University Art Gallery,
                          “Artists as Architect/Architect as Artist”, March/April 
                  Pennsylvania State University Art Gallery,
                          “New Americans: Issue and Thoughts”

                  The Architectural Gallery, Venice, California,
                           Selected Projects, November 1979
                  CCAIA Exhibit, Newport Beach, California,
                          “New Americans: Issues and Thoughts”,
                  Rome, Milan, Venice, June/August

                  Umwelt Galerie, Stuttgart,
                          “Contemporary American Architecture” (Four Projects), January/March
                  California Statewide Exhibit, Sacramento Office Building Competition